Collection: Hammer & Chain

Thank you for your interest in Hammer & Chain, our permanent jewelry division of Hammer & Stain Medford.  

Hammer & Chain is now available for Private Events!  These events can be held in our studio or off site at a location of your choosing.

Hammer & Chain is also available at many of our open paint times, local vendor events and festivals that we attend as well as in studio as an add-on at many of our workshops.

What is it you ask?  Permanent or Forever Jewelry is jewelry that is welded on to a person instead of using a clasp.

We currently have over 10 different chains available for you to choose from.  They come in Enamel (gold plated), Sterling Silver, 14k Gold filled & 14k Rose Gold filled.
Enamel & Gold Plated        
         Bracelet - $35
         Necklace (18") - $80
         Anklet - $45

Sterling Silver                 
         Bracelet - $45
         Necklace (18") - $105
         Anklet - $55

14k Gold Filled                     
         Bracelet - $50
         Necklace (18") - $115
         Anklet - $60

14k Rose Gold Filled      
         Bracelet - $50
         Necklace (18") - $115
         Anklet - $60

A stack of 3 SS and/or Gold Filled bracelets for $120 (must be on same person)
Connectors and Charms - $20 each with limited availability

Email us at for inquiries and to ask about our current minimums, availability & hostess rewards for Private events.